About us

Introducing Dokha

Dokha, the Arabic word for Buzz, is a traditional Middle-Eastern tobacco dating back to 1500 AD. Unlike common tobacco, Dokha’s uniqueness is a result of the plant’s curation. With farms located in UAE, our Dokha suppliers make use of arid deserts (with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius) to dry out the tabacco plants. By hanging the plants upside down, the nicotine concentrates in the leaves of the plant. Keeping to the traditional methods of cultivation, our Dokha preserves the strength, flavor and freshness of Tobacco. As such, no chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides or herbicides are ever added to our Dokha blends. By providing tobacco that is produced with classical customs, we at DuDokha strive to provide a more genuine product that is richer than mass-produced alternatives.

Dokha is smoked with a Medwakh pipe. The high nicotine concentration means very little tobacco must be smoked, and hence the pipe is fitted with a small bowl that is designed to perfectly pack and smoke the Dokha. The long pipe allows the smoke to cool down, giving a smoother finish. Lastly, customizable filters are interchangeable allowing different levels of smoothness and filtration.


About us

DuDokha is an online Dokha retailer, selling Dokha blends, various Medwakh pipes and other relevant accessories. We distribute products from Turbo Dokha, who are a Dokha producer residing in Dubai. Our belief is that authenticity is at the center of achieving the best possible experience. By importing products from Dubai, the heart of Dokha culture, we strive for customer satisfaction by rooting our business in traditional practices.

Bringing Dokha to The Netherlands, we hope to introduce smokers to an exotic blend of tobacco. This exposition of different flavors and characteristics expands the selection of Tobacco. This allows our customers to taste and enjoy some of the Middle-Eastern culture. As such, DuDokha delivers a range of blends and pipes that are suited for different likings. For more information, we urge you to read our product descriptions to understand how you can best suit your preferences.

For further information you can contact us at (info@dudokha.nl).